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Dan's photo for Precision Hearing Testimonial

Dan McGuire was mayor of Rockville, Utah. He likes to fish, camp, and is an amateur landscape photographer who enjoys travelling and spending time with his family.

Dan has been wearing hearing aids since the 1960’s. He has worn quite a few different models, as well as consulted with several hearing aid specialists.

"Its’ hard to measure how hearing aids improve your life. It’s just amazing. I can hear you from a distance and I can hear what you’re saying. Just to be able to hear is such a blessing."

Dan said, “We know about people who are blind and deaf and have all kinds of disabilities and we can’t really relate to them. Most people don’t understand what it is like not to be able to hear everything. I just love the idea that I can hear. I can hear you from a distance and I can hear what you’re saying."


Sid Atkin has been a successful businessman for over 40 years; owning and operating several companies such as the Sugarloaf Café. He was a representative in the Utah State House of Representatives for 8 years. Sid was also one of the founding investors in SkyWest Airlines, and served on their board of directors for over 22 years.

"There’s a difference in my life when I don’t wear my hearing aids. These hearing aids have definitely made a difference in what I can do."

Sid Atkin likes to golf and also teaches Sunday school. Sid wants to hear what others say when they are talking’ whether he’s on the golf course or in the classroom.

"I wear my hearing aids most of the time,” Sid said. “A few guys I golf with don't wear hearing aids and they can't hear what's happening. Some members of the group wear hearing aids, but still don't hear very well. I don't want someone to have to be yelling loud to me because I haven't heard them. It's important to me to be able to communicate and my hearing aids help with that."


Nancy Leinbach is an active woman in her mid 80’s. She teaches an exercise class several times a week, serves in the Family History Library and temple regularly and in her spare time cross stitches beautiful works of art.

"Hearing is one of the senses we need to keep up. Without your health and good hearing your life can be harder."

Nancy moved to St. George, Utah from Prescott, Arizona, she knew she needed to find a new hearing specialist. She wore hearing aids and was constantly having them worked on. She knew she needed hearing aids to hear, but was disappointed with the results.