The warning signs of hearing loss can be as small as requiring your friends and family to repeat themselves or as severe as a constant ringing in your ears.

There are a lot of signs and indications of hearing loss that you might already be experiencing.

Keep in mind, some can be small/subtle and some can be all of a sudden.

There are three main ways you can tell if you or a family member is experiencing hearing loss. We will be discussing all 3.

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The Social Signs Of Hearing Loss

When we are out with our friends and family, there are plenty of signs that point towards hearing loss.

You might have a subtle hearing loss if you require your friends and family to frequently repeat what they are speaking.

Eventually, you might stop asking altogether and just politely nod.

Are you noticing when you are with a group of people that might be difficult for you to follow conversations involving two or more people?

Ask yourself, when you are in with your situations like in a conference room, ordering at a restaurant, paying for groceries, or even in a car, do you have difficulty hearing others?

Is Your Volume Turned Up All The Way?

When you were watching TV or listening to the radio do you have the volume turned up higher than normal?

A sign you might have hearing loss is reading lips while watching tv.

Are you having a harder time listening to movies at the theatre? You might be experiencing hearing loss.

Next time you’re out and about take note of these social signs of hearing loss.

There Are Emotion Signs You Are Hard Of Hearing

Maybe you are not a social person.

Many other Americans you enjoy just keeping to yourself and having limited company over. You can also experience emotional cues that you are experiencing hearing loss.

You can become nervous, embarrassed, annoyed or even stressed about the strain it takes to hear.

Lets Not Forget The Medial Signs Of Hearing Loss

If you have been exposed to very loud sounds over a long period of time, or even a slight explosion years ago, can lead to hearing loss now.

Serving in the United States military, either as active duty, reserve, or National Guard, is associated with an increased risk of having hearing loss.

At least 1.5 million veterans suffer from government service related hearing impairment. Hearing loss and other auditory damage are the number one and number two most prevalent war injuries to date.

Having hearing loss history in your family is no longer a guaranteed sign that you will eventually experience hearing loss. Did you know that more than 90% of children born deaf are born from 2 hearing parents?

Finally, next time you are at your doctor’s office ask to review your medications. It is a little known fact that a prescription that can be adding to your hearing loss.

You can experience hearing loss at any age.

 If you or one of your loved ones have experienced any of these signs, take our free online hearing test. It is designed to evaluate your speech recognition performance. 

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