Here's What Nancy Has to Say...

Success Story: Nancy Leinbach


Nancy Leinbach is an active woman in her mid 80’s. She teaches an exercise class several times a week, serves in the Family History Library and temple regularly and in her spare time cross stitches beautiful works of art.

"Hearing is one of the senses we need to keep up. Without your health and good hearing your life can be harder."

Nancy moved to St. George, Utah from Prescott, Arizona, she knew she needed to find a new hearing specialist. She wore hearing aids and was constantly having them worked on. She knew she needed hearing aids to hear, but was disappointed with the results.

The Switch

When Nancy went to Precision Hearing and met Doug Dunker, she said, “He immediately made me feel comfortable. He said he’d try to make the ones I had work. It was a good feeling to find someone so nice.”
“Doug did a whole new exam and was very thorough, said Nancy. “He kept working with me, until I decided to ask him if maybe I could get ones that would be better for me.“ He never pushed me to upgrade. I decided to try a new smaller version with tubes that fit right inside my ears and are invisible.”

Nancy also decided to get a remote. The remote enables her to adjust her hearing aid volume, as well as connect her hearing aids to the TV or radio.

The Results

Nancy said, “Doug made me feel comfortable and taken care of. I truly mean this. He has been very available even when I just stop in.”

“I would advise people to the bullet if they need hearing aids. My hearing aids are so small. I can’t feel them in my ear. They are light weight and you can’t see them. They also don’t squeal when I talk on the phone, touch my ears, or hug someone.”

Extra Personal Service

“I thought my hearing was getting better. When Doug tested me, I heard all the sounds. But I learned it’s not just hearing the sounds, it’s, when you hear the sounds. Doug wasn’t satisfied with my hearing. He thought I should be hearing quicker and he’s working with me to get my hearing even better.”

“I have to have hearing aids in both ears to balance my hearing. You can see on the screen how your ears are hearing things differently. It’s very important to be balanced to be able to hear with both ears.”

A Perfect Fit

“It’s important to take care of your health and having good hearing is a part of your health, says Nancy. “If you can’t hear, your brain goes stale because you’re not staying sharp enough to pick up on stuff. You can’t understand things and then you get embarrassed.”

“Doug doesn’t rush through the testing, like most of the free tests. He takes all the time needed to figure out what is best for you.”

Nancy likes to be able to help other people. She said, “I can’t be of much help, if I can’t hear them.”