Here's What Dan Has to Say...

Success Story: Dan McGuire

Dan's photo for Precision Hearing Testimonial

Dan McGuire was mayor of Rockville, Utah. He likes to fish, camp, and is an amateur landscape photographer who enjoys travelling and spending time with his family.

Dan has been wearing hearing aids since the 1960’s. He has worn quite a few different models, as well as consulted with several hearing aid specialists.

"Its’ hard to measure how hearing aids improve your life. It’s just amazing. I can hear you from a distance and I can hear what you’re saying. Just to be able to hear is such a blessing."

Dan said, “We know about people who are blind and deaf and have all kinds of disabilities and we can’t really relate to them. Most people don’t understand what it is like not to be able to hear everything. I just love the idea that I can hear. I can hear you from a distance and I can hear what you’re saying."

Working with Doug

“I’m pretty difficult on my hearing aids and Doug has always been so helpful and there’s never a charge,” said Dan. “The service is always provided. I’ve had to go back a number of different times because of changes; probably because of things I do when I get my hearing aids wet or I break something. I’m probably hard on hearing aids because I’m a pretty active person. I’ve had a lot of different kinds of hearing aids and I’ve had a lot of different people working with me and Doug’s just one of the best.

Dan said, “Doug has a lot of understanding and compassion for people who wear hearing aids, and wearing hearing aids is not an easy. You can’t believe how sensitive your ears can be. Hearing aids need to work well, be comfortable, and not be a constant challenge.”

Understanding Hearing Aids

“I’ve had many friends that have gotten hearing aids who end up setting them on their bureau because they don’t like them initially. Hearing aids can be difficult at first,” said Dan. “That’s where people like Doug come in handy because he understands that hearing aids can be challenging. Doug understands hearing aids because he wears hearing aids. 

“I think it takes some training to wear hearing aids. If there’s something wrong it is either not fitted right or it’s maybe not the right kind and you have to go back to the person who sold it to you and get it right. That’s what makes Doug stand out”, says Dan. “I’ve never been to the big guys that do the heavy advertising because they don’t suit me. I want a personal touch. I don’t want to be talking to somebody who’s just carrying out duties. Doug gives you the personal touch.”

Results are Everything

“New hearing aids took some getting used to,” Dan said. “Doug’s been very patient with me when I’d come back and say they keep coming off when I’m digging holes, or swinging a pick axe. He was able to make some adjustments in the way they fit and now they are very good. I can’t be any happier with the guy because he does everything that I want and other than the initial cost there’s no cost to me.”

The Precision Hearing Difference

“I was very impressed with Doug right from the get go – his professionalism, and his compassion. He listens to what you’re saying and tries to work out the issue that you’re talking about, not what he wants to do. He listens to what you say and he’s always concerned. Doug will change his schedule to accommodate all customers. I’ve personally experienced it myself. He’s very helpful that way.”
“I appreciate his efforts to try to improve service and his visibility in the community and let people know about his services. I think he’s a cut above all the rest of them. They’ve got them in the malls; they’ve got them everywhere. I just appreciate Doug as a small businessman and the personal level of service he can provide. I can call him anytime and he’s willing to talk. When I go in dedicates his time to me and he’s not distracted by other things.”

“I think anybody who goes to him will appreciate the same thing. I’m hopeful that he’ll be successful enough to stay in business for years to come and be there when I need him.”