Are you ready to hear life to the fullest and personalize your hearing experience?

The newest hearing aid technology allows you to discreetly fine-tune your hearing aids to your unique taste using your smart device to give you the best listening experience wherever you go without any wires or accessories to wear.

  • Stream any music or media played on your iPhone directly to your hearing aids.
  • Discreet control of volume. Adjust volume of your hearing aids right on your iPhone.
  • Direct streaming of phone calls from your iPhone to your hearing aids.
  • No neck loops or wires.
  • Advanced noise reduction technology.
  • iPhone, Android, iPad, and Apple Watch compatible.
  • Create favorite programs and have your hearing aids switch to them automatically in particular places, or activate them yourself where you are.
  • Enhance your listening experience in challenging sound environments…all without touching your hearing aids.
  • Download the free app. to have control of your settings in your hearing aids.
  • Wireless streaming from your iPhone directly to your hearing aids.
  • Track down hearing aids with the ‘Finder’ function, if you misplace your hearing aids.



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