Hearing Testing And Hearing Aids

Our Services

At Precision Hearing, we are proud of the products and services we provide our hearing impaired family.  We offer a complete line of hearing aid styles and technologies to meet the needs of the hearing impaired.

We also offer a host of additional products to make communication as efficient as possible.  Sometimes something as simple as an amplified telephone, an alarm clock, or a TV listening device will bridge the gap with difficult listening situations.  But when more sophisticated technologies such as an FM System or loop system is needed, Precision Hearing is here to help.

Audiometric Testing

A thorough hearing evaluation is critical to a successful hearing aid fitting.  At Precision Hearing we provide pure tone air conduction, pure tone bone conduction, masking when indicated, speech reception thresholds, most comfortable level, uncomfortable level, and loudness discomfort level on all our patients.

Video Otoscopy

Our large, high definition video screen displays the an up-close look into your ear canal.  This allows the viewer to see any potential obstructions or abnormalities relating to the ear canal or eardrum.  Whether it be wax or any other foreign object in the canal, or something such as a perforation of your eardrum, you will be able to see how your ear compares to a healthy one.


Tympanometry primarily checks the integrity of the middle ear.  This quick and simple evaluation can reveal resistance of sound traveling to the inner ear which may be causes by such things as a perforation of the eardeum, middle ear infection, or stiffening or discontinuity of the middle ear bones.  This information informs us to make necessary referrals when your hearing loss may be better treated by a medical doctor.

Live Speech Mapping

“How does that sound?” is a method practiced all too often by many hearing professionals and audiologists.  At Precision Hearing, we take the “guess work” out of the equation.  Asking an individual with impaired hearing how things sound is too subjective and can lead to setting the hearing instruments at a level which is not ideal for optimum hearing.  Using the objective measurement of live speech mapping the user and the professional can quickly see precisely where the best settings are to get the most out of the hearing aids.


Signal in Noise testing is a quick and easy method to determine the level of difficulity an individual has with understanding speech in a noisy environment.  Using a calibrated speech-in-noise signal, the listener is asked to repeat a series of short sentences.  The noise level is incrementally raised and the listener’s ability to repeat the sentence becomes more difficult as the test continues.  The results of this test can quickly determine the advantages of implementing directional microphones, FM systems, loop systems, or other strategies to help the individual hear better in noisy environments.

Aural Rehabilitation

The initial fit of a hearing aid is just the beginning of a successful relationship between the new user and their new hearing aids. Getting the most out of your instruments requires a commitment from both the user and the hearing professional. We give you guidelines for the amount of time you should use your hearing aids, along with tips and tricks to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Many strategies are employed from automatic adaptation management to routine follow-ups. Remember, the staff at Precision Hearing is here to help, and your success is important to us.