What is Live Speech Mapping?

Unfortunately, it is all too common for a hearing professional to ask the patient, “how does that sound?”  While getting the opinion from the patient is important to the dispensing process to determine volume, comfort, and occlusion effect (barrel sound), it does little to determine the overall effectiveness of the amplification system.  By measuring the performance of the hearing aids in relation to the patient’s hearing loss, live speech mapping can quickly give a visualization of how well s/he is hearing.

A small probe microphone is placed deeply into the ear canal behind the hearing aid.  If the sound of speech is amplified adequately, a graph will show this in an understandable way.  If speech sounds are not adequately amplified, an adjustment can be made to the instrument to make it achieve the desired results.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. We perform a complete hearing exam and create a target graph.
  2. This target graph is visibly displayed on the computer screen.
  3. We then place tiny probe microphones in the ear canal behind your hearing aids..
  4. Using regular speech sounds, we measure the amount of amplification delivered to the eardrum.
  5. You will then visibly see the different pitches of sound and quickly verify how well your hearing aids are performing..
  6. We re-adjust your hearing aids to maximize speech understanding.

This approach to adjusting hearing aids has helped maximize the benefits of hearing aids for everyone who has had the privilege of experiencing this form of verification.