Introducing: HyperSound – Hearing Solutions

Precision Hearing is excited to announce a new product called Hypersound. This directed audio solution makes listening to the television a complete and immersive experience for people with or without hearing difficulties. The technology allows the individual to experience sounds from the television as if they are in the middle of the action.

At Precision Hearing, we have found that many people may have an aversion to wearing neck-loops or headsets in order to hear the television. The purpose of bringing in this type of solution is to offer an alternative option for these people to get the enjoyment they desire from the television without cords or other cumbersome gear worn on their body. When people have to “work” by concentrating so hard to hear the television, it takes the enjoyment out of watching television and makes people frustrated with a leisure activity that should be relaxing.

A healthy human ear can normally pick up sounds from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz (or cycles per second). As one’s hearing wears out, it is common for people to miss a lot of sounds above 3,000 Hz and 4,000 Hz where consonants and clarity become difficult or even impossible to hear. This is especially true when the sound source is at a distance. Since the advent of the flat screen television, it is common for people to complain about the sound quality of the television. It only stands to reason since the television speakers are obviously smaller, and many are directed toward the back of the television.

With Hypersound, the sound is emitted from the source at a very-high frequency (approximately 100,000 Hz). As sound hits the molecules of air, it starts to break down, until it is absorbed by the listener in the path of the directed output. This allows the higher frequencies to be delivered in an area directly surrounding the listener, providing an immersive sound experience similar to a 3D experience. “It sounds like I am in the middle of the movie” said Bruce Davey who listened to a personalized demonstration. “It’s amazing how much better the sound quality is when Hypersound is added to a regular television”, he said.

Since this technology focusses directly to a single user and is customized to the particular needs of that person, the rest of the household can immediately enjoy the relief of a lower volume on the television without isolating the listener who might otherwise be wearing headphones to get a similar enjoyable experience.

At Precision Hearing, we are proud to be the only provider to offer Hypersound technology in southern Utah. This personalized approach to providing hearing care to the community is what sets us apart from the rest of the hearing aid companies. Please, call 435-628-9015 today for personalized demonstration of Hypersound, and change the way you listen to the television.


For more information on how HyperSound works and to watch a short video, click here.