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HyperSound Clear™

The Solution is Clear

Introducing a first-of-its-kind directed audio solution for individuals with hearing loss.

As indicated by clinical research*, HyperSound® speakers improve sound clarity and speech intelligibility for individuals with hearing loss. HyperSound technology delivers an immersive audio experience similar to wearing headphones.

This breakthrough directed audio solution makes listening to your favorite programs more enjoyable by beaming high-quality audio to your favorite chair or specific spot on your sofa while everyone else in the room enjoys great sound from the television at a normal volume. HyperSound ClearTM offers a fundamentally new way to deliver sound, and has the potential to improve the home listening experience and bring joy back to movie night.

 *Mehta, RP. Novel ultrasonic sound carrier significantly improves speech discrimination in subjects with hearing loss. Otology/Neurotology Scientific Session presented at the Combined Sections Meeting of the Triological Society. January 22, 2015, San Diego, CA (Ten patients with mild to severe hearing loss in a single-blind, randomized cross over study demonstrated improvement in sound clarity, measured with standard speech tests, over conventional speakers at 70 dB at 1 meter, including in background noise.)


Innovative Features

A completely new product category.  A first-of-its-kind product.

Patented and patent pending ultrasonic speakers beam high quality sound to targeted listeners
Improves sound clarity and speech intelligibility without the need to wear headphones
Programmable and customizable by a hearing professional to a listener’s hearing profile and preferences
Operable by simple, intuitive panel controls or by convenient remote control
May be used with existing TV speakers, soundbars, or surround sound systems so that everyone can enjoy great sound at normal volumes

A different direction in hearing innovation

HyperSound Clear™ delivers sound using a fundamentally new and different method compared to traditional speakers.

HyperSound speakers are not traditional audio speakers

Traditional speakers diffuse sound much like how a bare light bulb diffuses light, and as a result, sound from traditional speakers can be heard no matter where the listener is positioned within the room. Sound from these speakers bounces around the room, hitting multiple surfaces, until it finally makes it to your ear. A combination of harmonics, reflection and competing ambient noise make listening to audio from traditional speakers challenging, ultimately leading to poor intelligibility of the sound.

HyperSound speakers are directed audio solutions

HyperSound speakers on the other hand, emit sound in a highly controlled, narrow beam – much like how a flashlight beams light. Sound stays confined to that narrow beam, and as a result travels directly to the listener without bouncing around the room.


How does it work?

HyperSound speakers use ultrasound to create sound in the air itself. Proprietary electronics, digital signal processing, and unique emitter design are combined to deliver crystal clear sound to create a highly-immersive listening experience, similar to wearing headphones. This revolutionary new method of sound delivery allows you to hear better sound where you want it, without increasing the television volume affecting others in the room.

When Should I Seek a Hearing Solution?

Do you think you might have hearing loss? Here are a few common signs that can help you determine if you should get your hearing tested by a professional:

  • Turning up the TV or radio to volume levels others find loud
  • Focusing on reading lips to understand program dialog
  • Avoiding social living room environments you once found enjoyable
  • Having trouble understanding the television when there is background noise
  • Feeling more frustrated or depressed when watching television
  • Relying on subtitles to understand what you’re watching
  • Having difficulty hearing television dialog unless facing the speaker or soundbar

If you answered yes to even just a couple of these, it might be time to visit a hearing healthcare professional.


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